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In order to save your time and advance efficency , Please read carefully this section before contacting Customer Support. Rules will expand if contact reaches so often.

Our office address: California, Los Angeles 2200 Avenue. Working hours: Monday - Friday 9 am to 5pm , Weekends - Closed.

You can contact us via: Contact form Or e-mail: admin@5bit.biz

To become our partner you need sign up. You can find signup button in the header of the site.

No, it is forbiddened. You can have only one account registered from one PC or IP address.

No and if investors violated the rules, confirmation is needed for account issues.

After the registration, information cannot be edited. Meanwhile, the same or most similar account file will be identified as muti-accounts. Multiple accounts on the same ip is not allowed, which will trigger the authentication mechanism is automatically stopped by the withdrawal system.

You need to register an account. Then you can make investments.

BitCoin, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bankwire, LiteCoin.

Within a few minutes, you can create a wallet in one of the provided payment systems on their websites: payeer.com;perfectmoney.is;advcash.com;blockchain.info. After that you can exchange your funds, choosing one of the exchange services. By completing these steps, you are ready to invest.

There is no restriction on the amount of investment transactions.

Yes, you can reinvest as soon as you get your withdrawal. However, we do not support compounding of investments from your account balances

Sorry, you can’t. You can only withdraw everyday's profit as it is said in the contract.

Usually it is instantly for Payeer, Perfect Money and Advanced Cash, but it can take some hours for BitCoin and Litcoin transaction.

You get the interest on your plan every hour.

It’s separated. You can only withdraw to the ecurrency that you use to deposit.

Yes, you can create several investments in same plan at same time, however different plans at the same time is not allowed. Different payment systems investments is limited in the same account.

All the plans must be deposited by order.Jump plans to start is not allowed. It will cause withdrawal function frozen.You need complete the plans by order to recovery withdrawal function. Meanwhile,the system don't allow multi plans active at the same time and muti-ecurrency investment. To unlock the limits,higher plan is recommanded . Multi deposits in same plan in the same time is allowed.

One hour after your deposit is showed on your account. Then every hour at the same time.

BTC starts from0.002, and others from 0.01$.

Bitcoin may takes a few hours, others are instant.

If it takes more than 48 hours, please contact support.

It happens when the payment systems operation is unstable. We both need wait for it to recover. Please write to the support if pending more than 48 hours.

No, it is free to earn from our affiliate program. You only need to open an account and start to promote our site.

We have two types of affiliate program. One is standard and the second is for representatives. You will get up to 3%--10% from the first tier level referrals from the our affiliate program,for the deal you can direct contact us with support email .

For the affiliate program, we need to emphasize that if there are investors using our affiliate program, malicious brush off the commission, we will have the right to close all the investment accounts without inform. We keep the right to do this, as long as we have evidence of cheating commissions and muti-accounts. All funds will be frozen and non-refundable---For any questions and explanation, please contact directly with support email admin@5bit.biz

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